Tax scam highlights risk in insolvency’s referral ritual

A report about two elderly Australians losing their house after spending more than $100,000 on advice from a company accused of operating a multi-million dollar tax evasion scheme highlights the risks inherent in the practice of referral. Queensland fruit and vegetable peddlers Tony and Doris Di Blasio operated the Crisp on Creek fruit and veg business in Mount Gravatt in Queensland but ran into trouble meeting…

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bankrupt uses ad words against trustee

Trustee stalker’s tactics threatened to unseat VAs

Safe workplaces are all they rage are they not? Sterilised of bullies and abusers, staff can be at their productive best and woe betide anyone who doesn’t take the issue seriously. Shame the application of those values is so selective. Where are the vocal anti-bullying advocates when a bankruptcy trustee is subjected to what Rodgers Reidy director David Hambleton has been enduring? If you haven’t…