Proportionality spectre looms as BBY fees mount

It didn’t require a psychic to foretell that BBY’s diverse bunch of creditors might at some point tire of the court-imposed regime for assessing the liquidators’ mounting fees and look to summon forth their own mechanism of restraint. A sign of that came on Monday in the NSW Supreme Court when legal representatives for the liquidators and BBY’s various classes of former clients and creditors –…

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RSM pair not hooked by fee review.

RSM pair’s fees not disproportionate: Brereton

RSM’s Peter Marsden and Richard Stone have avoided having their remuneration on the Cardinal Project Services administration inducted into the cult of proportionality after one of the concept’s most ardent advocates dismissed a creditor’s application for a fee review. In his judgment of July 12, 2017 Justice Paul Brereton outlined how since their appointment – initially as voluntary administrators (VAs) in 2011 – the RSM…