“dog’s breakfast” spray highlights ILRA divide

Perhaps we can take comfort when the views of the insolvency regulators are diametrically opposed to the views of experts in the industry and academe? After all, isn’t ensuring nobody is happy the secret to successful government? Such were the thoughts that occurred as SiN read the social media commentary issuing forth after September 1, the day the second and final tranche of the Insolvency…

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Nogueira no plans to challenge Dinoris appointment.

Worrells’ Nogueira pipped by Dinoris

A spat over an appointment has been laid bare in convenient detail after the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation (DCoT) applied to the Federal Court to have ex-Vincents partner Peter Dinoris appointed liquidator of W.D. Hall Pty Ltd in place of incumbent voluntary administrator (VA), Paul Nogueira of Worrells. Freshly minted Federal Court judge Roger Derrington explained in Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, in the matter of W.D. Hall Pty Ltd v…