SiN 2017 – the Year in Review

The year is done, Christmas is come and for SiN it is time to replenish the reservoir of curiosity ahead of what promises to be a fascinating 2018. From next year the Insolvency Law Reform Act (ILRA) will be in full swing. Insolvency practitioners will face a world where creditors will have expanded powers. Appointees will need to get used to being replaced. Courts too…

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Straw director declares bankriuptcy

Jirsch trustee picks up Plutus “straw director”

In the wake of last week’s arrest of 10 people allegedly involved in the $165 million Plutus Payroll pay-as-you-go (PAYG) scam, at least one of those who may have unwittingly assisted the accused has sought the protection of personal insolvency. Alexander Nappa, 22, of Beverly Hills is alleged by police to be a straw director of PP Aus Holdings. The company was identified as being…