July 2015

Aerial view of the Burrup Ammonia plant under construction in West Australia.

PPB Fees – Oswal’s expert unwilling to condemn

READ in their entirety, expert witness reports can be turgid affairs. Eye-glazing repetition. Incessant referencing of Acts and Codes. Footnotes even. But when a report’s author is cross-examined in open court and the minutiae of their conclusions surveyed, a more engaging narrative emerges. Barry Raymond Cooke is one such expert. Cooke was engaged by Pankaj Oswal to produce expert witness reports about PPB Advisory’s handling…

Octaviar Limited's liquidator has quietly settled with Fortress

Octaviar liquidators bill $22 mill as Fortress claims settled

ANY insolvency that burns through five liquidators deserves special mention. When tens of millions of dollars – which might have been deployed beefing up creditor dividends – is instead spent pursuing a well-resourced, recalcitrant and foreign domiciled defendant, then the topic which so reliably provokes palpitations must be revisited. Fees and expenses should be kept in the limelight. Like mushrooms, they flourish in the dark….