Public Examinations

Worrells duo’s PE raises phoenix allegations

You might think as a registered liquidator that when the same director turns up in three liquidations referred to you by the same referrer over the course of a few years, it might be worth going and meeting that director. You might think that such a face-to-face meeting is even more important given the director appears to have been installed only months prior to the…

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Argentice creditors relentless on Ridley

Argentine creditor prepares to uncork ILRA

Not content with a judge declining its application to replace Brendan Copeland and Robert Whitton as liquidators of Ridley Capital Holdings (RCH), Argentine architect and major creditor Corbis Global is preparing a fresh assault on the William Buck incumbency. SiN’s sources in Buenos Aires – not to be confused with our man in Cordoba – have recently delivered fresh missives, smuggled down under in a case of…