Bankruptcy trustee Louise Thomson vindicated

Veritas Advisory trustee in bankruptcy Louise Thomson has been vindicated by the first disciplinary committee convened under Schedule 2, section 40-45 of the Bankruptcy Act, 1966. In a Decision Committee Report the Committee decided that: i. the Trustee should continue to be registered. 11. suspension, or restriction on the Trustee’s appointments is not appropriate. Iii. public admonishment or reprimand is not appropriate. Iv. a condition…

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Trustee Thomson ordered to pay costs out of own pocket.

Veritas’s Thomson facing $250,000 costs order

Well litigation funder Doug Hayter has extracted himself from the debacle that is Young V Thomson (formerly trustee of the property of Young) [2017] FCAFC 140 but the same cannot quite be said for Veritas Advisory’s Louise Thomson, who will be forced to scrape together as much as a quarter of a million dollars from her own resources following last week’s judgment of the Federal Court…